Un-Cruise Adventure June 2016

Sunday, June 19
WE start this morning with Yoga at 7AM on the back of the boat as we cruise along through the Columbia Gorge. Glennda gets distracted by the beautiful scenery as she snaps away with her new camera. There was a little nip in the air with patches of fog still clinging to the sides of the gorge.
After stoking up with a hearty breakfast we are ready to board the coach to Multnomah Falls. A short walk up to feel the mist and take loads of pictures and just gaze at this spectacular sight.
Now we’re on to Spring House Cellar Winery for a beautiful wine tasting presentation. As our coach climbs uphill to the next winery, nestled between Snow covered Mount Hood and Mount Adams we are all very thankful for this beautiful clear sunny day. It’s warm enough for us to sit outside on the terrace. For lunch and more tastings. Mount Hood Winery won Oregon’s 2016 Winery of the Year and clearly we are all impressed with the wine as we queue up to buy bottles to bring home.
Back on the boat and there on our cabin door is a sign to come on down for our complimentary massage. As we sit in the hot tub afterwards Glennda spots a bald eagle.
Dinner is local salmon or rack of lamb. Since we can’t decide, the very amenable Anila lets us order half of each! There is no real entertainment on board but enjoyed a very interesting talk about Lewis and Clark.

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